Matthew ch. 2
Darkness (King Herod) ordering the death of all the stars (children) at dawn in an attempt to destroy the birth of the Sun (Jesus) which conquers darkness.
1907 book by Lyman E. Stowe
1907 book by Lyman E. Stowe

Solar Mythology and the Jesus Story

A Primer on Astrotheology

  1. Introduction
  2. The Story of Jesus
  4. Recommended Books to Read


In ancient times people were very familiar with the Sun and the stars. At night they had nothing better to do than gaze up at the stars. They saw how the stars move across the sky during the night, and how different constellations are visible at different times of the year.

They made up stories which were allegories based on what they saw. Later on, these stories took on a life of their own, as the stories were passed down from generation to generation but the knowledge of what the stories represented was lost. People started believing the stories were real and actual history of events that actually really happened in the past, when originally the stories were nothing more than allegories for what people saw happening in the stars.

The ancients looked to the sky to determine what time of year it was. It was important to know what time of year it was. You needed to know when it was time to plant crops and when it was time to harvest the crops. As the year passed the Sun appears to make a journey through the constellations of the Zodiac. The entire story of Jesus’ ministry is an allegory for this journey.

“The name of Bishops, retained to this day,—the Episcopacy, the Diocese, the See, are all derived from that function of seeing, or looking out, to observe the phenomena of the visible heavens, which was their appointed duty.”1.

According to the current theory, humans were first hunter/gatherers, then they organized and became farmers—and this is where religion comes in. In order to farm you need to be aware of the seasons of the year; you need to be able to communicate to others your ideas; and you need to be able to pass down to the next generation the knowledge you've accumulated—hence “The Book”. You also have to have faith that this farming technique will work and you will be rewarded for your efforts with a bountiful harvest in the future.

If this theory is correct then ancient Religion was archaic science and modern science is our new religion.

It's not surprising in our present culture of digital watches and wall calendars that we've lost the original astronomical meaning of these Bible stories. Today most people never look at the stars or pay any attention to the position of the sun in the sky.

The following is the result of my intensive investigation into the Bible, its contents, origin, history, and everything that modern day biblical scholars know. Surprisingly, the link between Solar Mythology and the Bible was known over two centuries ago. (See History of Research into Solar Mythology and the Bible.)


There are three distinct theories on who Jesus was:
  1. Deity: Jesus was the son of God who came to earth in human form.
  2. Evemerism: Jesus was a man who was later deified.
  3. Myth: Jesus never existed. The whole story is a myth.
1. It's inconceivable that during the alleged time of Jesus no one bothered to write down anything about this most extraordinary person, yet the extensive historical record of that time makes no mention of Jesus.

2. The motif of a crucified savior God who dies and is resurrected already existed in many other religions prior to the alleged time of Jesus. The parallels between Jesus and these other preexisting religious saviors were so strong that early church fathers resorted to the desperate claim that the Devil had deviously copied the true story of Jesus before it actually happened in an attempt to mislead the gullible.

3. Jesus begins his one year ministry by visiting John who baptizes with water. The Sun begins its yearly journey by visiting Aquarius, the water bearer. Jesus leaves John, who is put in prison, and visits Simon and Andrew, two fishermen. The Sun leaves Aquarius, who goes below the horizon, and visits Pisces, the two fish. The remarkable parallels continue.

Jesus, who never existed, whose story existed prior to his alleged time, is a personification of the Sun, which dies in Winter and is resurrected in Spring, saving us from the evil of cold and darkness. The story is an allegory misinterpreted as history.

  1. There is an immense lack of historical evidence that Jesus ever existed.
  2. Crucified Saviors existed in many religions prior to the alleged time of Jesus.
  3. The Story of Jesus' one year ministry is an Astronomical Allegory for the Sun passing through the Zodiac each year.

Solar Mythology as the Origin of the Jesus Story Explained
“The Sun shall from the grave arise,
And tread again the summer skies.”

The following lessons explain basic concepts of observational astronomy and then show the striking parallels between the Jesus Story and the Sun's annual passage through the Zodiac and the changing seasons of the year.
  1. Day <—Click here to begin
  2. Night
  3. Day and Night, the eternal struggle
  4. Heaven and Hell
  5. High Noon
  6. Sundials
  7. Latitude of the Holy Lands
  8. The Northern Hemisphere
  9. Earth's Precession
  10. Our Yearly Calendar
  11. The Constellations Don't Look Like What They're Named
  12. The Seasons of the Year
  13. The Celestial Sphere
  14. Sunset
  15. The Sun Travels Along the Ecliptic
  16. Ascertaining the Time of Year
  17. When Does The Year Begin? <—Here we begin our parallel of the Jesus Story to the Solar Myth
  18. Age 30
  19. Aquarius
  20. Temptation to be Lazy
  21. Aquarius put in Prison
  22. Pisces
  23. Aries, the lamb that takes away the sins of the earth.
  24. Pisces & the Christian Symbol of the Fish
  25. Spring Calms the Storm
  26. Taurus
  27. Aquarius Beheaded
  28. The Sun Walks on the Water
  29. The Summer Solstice
  30. Summer Time
  31. Recap
  32. Virgo: Harvest Time
  33. Libra: The Scales of Justice
  34. Scorpio (Judas)
  35. Sagittarius (Pontius Pilate)
  36. (Rest of Lessons are Under Construcion)
  37. Matthew Chapter 2 — The Birth of Jesus
  38. Scripture Which Suggests Jesus is the Sun
  39. Vertical vs. Horizontal thinking

The New Testament was originally written in Greek. We start with an example of how much can be lost in translation. We follow with a detailed walk through the book of Matthew, showing how the entire story as a whole is an allegory originating from Solar Mythology.

So Jesus is a myth and God is dead. Now what?

Are we doomed to endure a meaningless existence, with no moral compass to guide us? Not necessarily.

“God does not need me or the church to defend God. Any God that I have to defend is a pretty weak God it seems to me, and any God the church needs to defend. I'm always amazed at religious people who somehow think I have the power to destroy God. The only power I might possibly have is the power to raise questions about their limited understanding of God. And if they've identified their limited understanding of God with all that God is, then it feels to them as if I'm destabilizing belief in God itself. I don't have that power. I certainly don't have that ability.”
        —Bishop John Shelby Spong
          (Bishop Spong Speaks Out: Sept. 11 and Death of God, the Father / the Bishop & the Cosmologist)

A new concept of God is emerging, one more compatible with our current knowledge of reality. God has moved to a new location. To understand this new concept of God, read this brief history of God. There are two distinctly different forms of Christianity. One is doomed because it conflits with reality. The other has a chance of surviving, because it focuses on the message, rather than the messenger. Our moral compass has always been within us, given to us by evolution. There's no other way we as a species could have survived.

Joseph Smith looking into the hat to read the gold tablets.
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